About Us

Netwealth Medical Services is a specialist Medical Centre that was set up to provide solution to the dearth of quality and qualitative medical facility for issues of mental health in general and addiction and healthy living in particular. We handle issues of Alcohol & Drug Abuse Treatment& Rehabilitation, Psychological Medicine, Behavioral Change. Netwealth Medical Services is owned and operated by Netwealth Consult Ltd.

We believe addiction is a complex problem with psychological, physical and social consequences that can be managed through interventions that are holistic and tailored to the needs of the individual. Our interventions are based on tried and tested addiction models used around the world.

Our treatment facility is more than a rehabilitation and recovery treatment centre, from the many and still counting testimonies from those we have helped, it is the beginning of a whole brand new life!

We do not simply aim to restore function but to provide the tools necessary for a purpose filled life!


To help individuals and groups actualize their potentials, cope with normal stresses of life, work productively, and make meaningful contributions to the society.


To be among the world’s leading mental health treatment facilities.

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