Out Patient Rehabilitation Program

Our outpatient drugs and psychological rehabilitation programs are divided into 2 distinct categories;

  1. A follow-up on our inpatient rehabilitation treatment programs after they have been discharged, and
  2. Clients who find their way to us or who have been referred to us for psychological intervention.

Our outpatient program is mostly directed to individuals who are more stable, and it has the ability to achieve the same positive outcome as our inpatient treatment program.

It is much less intensive than an inpatient alcohol or drug rehabilitation or other psychological disorder program in the sense that it is scheduled for a number of times within the week depending on the urgency and severity of the need and in many cases is more budget friendly.

Our outpatient rehabilitation program is typically recommended for people who are at the beginning stages of addiction. Additionally, it’s for those who would like to continue receiving support and guidance as they reintegrate back into society following the completion of an inpatient program.

What you stand to gain from our outpatient treatment program

Additionally, depending on the needs, family sessions can be arranged in order to psycho-educate all the relevant family members aware of the sort of behaviour and emotions the client will be exhibiting, expressing, and experiencing during his or her treatment. Family members are on this note advised on what their roles are throughout the treatment and are given some guidance on how to cope with process.

We also provide an option for individual family members to receive counselling should they be struggling to handle the family member undergoing rehabilitation.

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