Psychotherapy sessions are an integral part of the treatment and recovery process. In order to achieve treatment goals, and for maximum results, our treatment facility does not negotiate when it comes to therapy sessions.

Our sessions are aimed at:

Individual Psychotherapy Sessions

Patients are allocated private access to our Clinical Psychologist upon arrival. They are assessed and individual therapy sessions are fixed. Our Clinical Psychologist works with the recovering individual through a relationship of confidentiality, trust, and respect. These sessions allow the individual to gain insight into the causes of their substance dependency, psychological disorders, and, more importantly, formulate a treatment plan to implement the necessary changes in the underlying dynamics underpinning their addiction or other disorders. Individual therapy, besides the personal attention that this provides, can also be very helpful in the case of a cormobid diagnosis: A coexisting depression, bipolar disorder, or other significant mental health condition that requires treatment in its own right, separate from the drug addiction or alcohol dependency.

Individual psychotherapy sessions are beneficial in the following ways:

Group Psychotherapy Sessions

We carry out group sessions two times in a week focusing on interpersonal relationships. They allow each person to learn from each other, and to develop new interpersonal skills, not easily acquired when struggling with substance dependency or addiction. Group sessions are very vital in treatment because they do not only facilitate recovery during the treatment process but can also help the individual integrate back into society once they have left the Centre.

It is most beneficial in the following ways:

Our sessions are aimed at:

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