Group Psychotherapy Sessions

We carry out group sessions two times in a week focusing on interpersonal relationships. They allow each person to learn from each other, and to develop new interpersonal skills, not easily acquired when struggling with substance dependency or addiction. Group sessions are very vital in treatment because they do not only facilitate recovery during the treatment process but can also help the individual integrate back into society once they have left the Centre.

It is most beneficial in the following ways:

  • Groups often support and provide encouragement to one another outside the group setting.
  • Create an environment where substance abuse and other harmful behavior can be effectively confronted by individual members.
  • Groups help to reduce the sense of isolation that most people who have substance abuse disorders experience and instills hope, a sense that “If they can make it, so can I.”
  • Groups provide feedback concerning the values and abilities of other group members.
  • Provide an environment where people who abuse substances can witness the recovery of others.
  • Encourage, coach, support, and reinforce as members undertake difficult or anxiety‐provoking tasks such as sharing their substance abuse experience.
  • Help addicted members learn to cope with their substance abuse and other problems by allowing them to see how others deal with similar problems.
  • Groups enable a single treatment professional to help a number of clients at the same time.
  • Groups offer members the opportunity to learn or relearn the social skills they need to cope with everyday life instead of resorting to substance abuse.
  • Provide useful information to clients who are new to substance abuse recovery.
  • Provides positive peer support and pressure to abstain from substance abuse.

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