Inpatient Care

Inpatient rehab is usually the most effective way to begin treatment for alcohol or drug addiction and psychological disorders. It provides structure, support, restriction of access to harmful behavior, safety and around-the-clock supervision. And avails a more enabling environment for education and therapeutic sessions necessary for recovery. The longer that a person receives inpatient treatment, the more likely he or she is to avoid relapse.

Our inpatient treatment option allows the patient to stay on the premises for the time periods applicable to our programs. Depending on the need and severity of the addiction and psychological disorder, we offer a 4 Week (1 month), an 8 Week (2 months), a 12 Week (3 months), 24 week (6months) program, etc. On admission, during the intake interview, the program and envisioned duration is explained to the client and care givers.
The client undergoes a medical examination and detoxification regime prescribed by our specialist doctors and monitored 24 hours by our highly qualified and experienced nursing staff.

After the intake and medical assessment, the client is introduced to our clinical psychologist who will help orientate him/her into the program. This is where psychotherapy sessions are fixed, psychological assessment takes place, the client’s master problem list is outlined, and a treatment plan is formulated accordingly. The treatment plan is discussed in detail with the treatment team, and progress and any special circumstances will be addressed in every little detail. The treatment plan is reviewed on a weekly basis during the sessions.

As quickly as possible, the client joins our daily programs which include our psychotherapy sessions, group sessions, morning meetings, etc, that are essential to the client’s recovery.
Towards the end of treatment, a continuing care plan is drawn up between the treatment team and the client and any referral considered necessary is made.
During the first and last weeks of treatment, a family session is held between the treatment team and the client’s significant others.

Family members and friends are encouraged to attend the family session in order to address any crucial issues that are essential to the treatment process. We then stay in touch regularly by different means of communication.

Some Common Issues We Treat In Our Inpatient Care

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Because we hold our patients in high esteem, we are available to render our inpatient and outpatient services in the management of psychological and behavioral issues.